Physician Investment Program

The Physician Investment Program is a private offering that will be conducted to allow qualified physician tenants leasing in the building to purchase an ownership interest.

  • The Syndication Period is May 15 to February 1, 2020 during this period, Physician’s that lease space shall have the option to invest in the building at ‘cost’
  • Information will be made available after a NDA is signed

 Opportunity of investing in two tiers on the following basis:

  • Tier 1: Investment during construction at cost plus program-related legal fees
  • Tier 2: Investment after building occupancy at a to be determined valuation of the property

Up to the 30% of the building will be available for investment by physicians in proportionate shares

Benefits of ownership:

  • Income potential with no management responsibilities
  • Realize returns on the real estate development investment
  • No need to guarantee property financing
  • Professionally developed and managed building

For additional information on the physician investment program, contact: Ben Schon or Eric Fischer