Advancing the delivery of medical care

The Medical Pavilion at White Oak is a new, seven-story, 169,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, Class A medical pavilion strategically located on the campus of the new $400 million Adventist HealthCare White Oak Medical Center in Silver Spring, Maryland. Situated among a developing life sciences community, the Medical Pavilion at White Oak offers physicians a strong, highly visible affiliation, superb building access and an efficient and thoughtfully organized patient-centered care giving environment.


  • Direct hospital lobby access on first floor
  • Outpatient on-site pharmacy
  • Coffee shop in adjacent hospital lobby
  • Two dedicated patient drop off/pick up areas
  • Four high-speed passenger elevators
  • Three levels connected to the hospital
  • Conference room and staff development facilities
  • Mail room and medical samples storage
  • Adjacent parking garage with covered walkway

Advance Healthcare

Delivered, Adventist HealthCare will anchor the medical pavilion and house various specialties and programs in the building including: 

  • Cardiovascular, oncology, radiology, education, rehabilitation, medical and administrative services.
  • Two linear accelerator vaults as part of radiology program.
  • Conference room and staff development facilities.

State-of-the-Art Care

The adjacent White Oak Medical Center (Hospital) program includes 180 large, all-private patient rooms with dedicated observation and clinical decision units and a fast track Emergency Department with separate triage and waiting area.

The Value of New On-Campus Space

Proper Design & Flow of Space

  • Reduces staff costs
  • Increases patient throughput
  • Supports physician recruitment
  • Reduces overall square footage needed

Enhanced Patient Experience & Convenience

  • New space reinforces top-notch care
  • Positioning for outcome-based reimbursement models
  • Parking and convenience to major arteries, enhanced bus station on campus
  • Reduced drive time from off-campus location

Integrated Healthcare Delivery

  • Synergistic referral patterns
  • Prominent location within Adventist HealthCare network
  • Efficiencies from hospitalists and operating room block scheduling

Fully Built-Out Clinical Space

  • Waiting Room and Break Area / Room
  • Exam Rooms with Sinks
  • Private Doctor's Office with In-Suite Bathroom
  • 24-Hour Card Key Access
  • Janitorial Services & Day Porter